Sunday, April 11, 2010

Central Valley Heritage & Art

The LA Times Travel section mentioned the Fresno Fruit Trail and Fresno Blossom Trail events today. Local, back-to-the-farm, agro-tourism. All for it.

Amid the orchards, the Art Stand for local art.

What have been your experiences selling art with a local angle? As a tourist, how much has "local" art been part of your travels?


  1. I have had to make art with a local twist for the tourists. It is a challenge to make art that is me and yet offer something that will be purchased. I find that the 'local' look sells better than my other work.
    As an artist/business person, I think it is important to open your eyes and see how you can make it work to your advantage.

  2. Robin, thanks so much for your comment! You hit on the crux of the issue: selling without selling out. Others should stand up and take notice of your great attitude.
    Short on detail, but I remember reading some time ago that there is a physiological reason why people enjoy shopping more when they are on the road. Something about souvenir shopping that activates the happy juice parts of the brain. I certainly treasure handmade things purchased at my favorite vacation spot.
    Your beautiful work would make a cherished reminder of visit to North Carolina. Hope to see it in person one day!