Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Draw

I've always been skeptical of "How to Draw" books. Maybe because I had a book when I was little showing you how to make up faces and such with simple block shapes. No, that's not how to draw ... that's how to cartoon exactly like the person that wrote the book.

But I am rethinking my views. Maybe you've gotten a lot of help or inspiration from "How to Draw Horses" or whatever is your fancy.

Today Walter Foster Publishing sent around some marketing materials pitching perfect how to draw books for summer. Ever at the forefront of popular culture, or perhaps capitalizing on popular culture, the series now includes a volume on vampires.

The link to the vampire book excerpt got me thinking, there's quite a bit of instruction to be found here. Technique, at least, if not exactly teaching you how to see.

What have your experiences been with "how to draw" books?

Portrait Drawing 101